Dr. Paramjit Kaur

Principal's Blog


My Dear Students,

How many of you are confident enough to say that you will become an extra ordinary person or an eminent national leader with moral principles? I think some of you will be confused while answering this question and some would be confident enough to say yes.

With the arrival of the month of August, patriotic zeal and fervour of celebrating Independence Day is witnessed in the entire country. Automatically, we are besieged by the feeling of patriotism which is a devotion of a citizen to one’s country. We look forward to see the ceremonies that take place in the lovely amphitheatres with the site of spectacular array of Indian Jets in the sky.

Do you think that one has to wear a specific uniform or march past to the rhythms of jackboots to be a patriot ? No, not at all. Simply saying how one is proud to be an Indian without action proves to be not enough. So I would like to list down some easy approaches to show the world how we can prove that we are true patriots.

Develop the feeling of Humanism -Patriotism is the feeling, a sense of belongingness towards the nation, towards the other human beings. We have to understand that humanism is the manifestation of benevolence towards other human beings. If you say that you are a patriot, you have to inculcate this quality in yourselves.

Be Compassionate- Compassion is such a beautiful phenomenon which allows us to relate to another human being and provide support in whatever way we can. So, show compassion towards your fellow human beings irrespective of caste, creed, gender and nationality. Being Compassionate is the part of being patriotic.

Evolve Feeling of oneness- The main aim of patriotism is to inculcate a genuine feeling of oneness amongst people and the willingness to withstand the test of the ever changing world together. It would be an exotic moment when you maintain all relations without the feeling of jealousy, envy and prejudice.

Consider Patriotism as sacred - Patriotism can be shown in a variety of ways including thoughts, words and actions. It leads you to form a bond with your neighbour, your colleague and makes you loyal to the country and creates a special bond with the motherland. Your actions must speak louder than your words.

Get the knowledge about Historical events of your country- A good citizen is one who excels in the knowledge of his country’s past events. As responsible citizens of your country, gather knowledge about patriots, martyrs, great statesmen of country by reading books and journals.

This is an opportunity for all of us to recommit ourselves to those values that our national flag represents. Our flag is not just a piece of cloth with colours on it but it is a symbol of LIBERTY, FREEDOM and SACRIFICE. Let's challenge ourselves to find new ways to live up to the great promise of India. It is a promise of opportunity, a promise of safety, and a promise of better life.