Dr. Paramjit Kaur

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Getting back on the track.....,

One can't go back and revamp the beginning, but one can commence from where it was and change the ending."

Dear All,

A sense of purpose is central to our lives in the best of times. During COVID-19, many of you may have found your motivation dwindling as the pandemic added an extra layer of panic to our stressful lives. If the last year or so has proved anything, it is the importance of infinite courage, resilience and adaptability in life. The pandemic pushed all of you to go one step further and you all advanced through the voyage of pandemic deciphering the new way of learning and responding swiftly to the changed pattern. Pat on your back for making those challenges your success stories with your incessant efforts.

It is rightly said, “The human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of minds’’. Now when the stress of the pandemic has subsided, you all are back on track with full energy and enthusiasm, still you need to remember that Corona has reduced but it has not gone yet. Following the Corona protocol is imperative even today. Here are some tips for how you can move ahead with prudence and confidence.

  • Refocus on the human side of education to meet expectations of the “new normal” and make learning effective.
  • Reinforce and regenerate your innate capacities and tenacity to navigate your path towards promising present as well as future.
  • Maintain an attitude that "Every Day Counts" and apply a contemporary lens to SELF MOTIVATION, namely self-determination to learn each day.
  • Pick up the speed for bridging the gap between aspirations and accomplishments through energising actions.
  • Ensure productive utilization of your valuable time to enrich your knowledge and skills.
  • Last but not the least -
    Follow health and hygiene practices as an essential part of your life. Eat right, stay hydrated, take regular exercise, get adequate sleep and practice mindfulness.

Wishing you Good Health & Best of the time !