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Dear Students,
" Work in silence. Let success make the noise."

The season of festivals is around the corner, and so is the season of examinations! You may be experiencing mixed feelings—excitement for the festivities to begin and fear of examinations, both at the same time. Fortunately, most of the festivals fall this year after the September examinations. Good news, isn't it?

There is no need for you to be unnecessarily worried about your success in the forthcoming examination, provided you work steadily and silently towards shaping your own success.

Let me give you some guidelines for exam preparation:-

  • Take responsibility: Nobody should have to ask or remind you to study. You should take responsibility for your studies and charter your own path after making your own timetable.

  • Manage your time: Your time is yours and it is for you to learn to manage it well and optimally.

  • Strike a balance: Learn to balance studies with the other important things like the daily routine, play time and relaxation and recreation time.

  • Stay fit and healthy: Never neglect your health. Eat well and eat nutritious food, preferably home-cooked food. Take proper rest and sleep that is necessary at your age. Take some refreshment every two hours but avoid consuming junk food. Include salads and fruits in your daily intake.

  • Master textbooks: Study your textbooks in great details, for all the questions are based on their contents and their application to real life situations.

  • Understand Questions Well: Train yourself to read question statements carefully and decide what is expected of you to write in answer to each question. Then answer the given questions in simple but clear language within the prescribed word limit.

  • Practise Hard: Practise with the help of mock question papers so that you can attain the necessary speed and stamina to finish a paper within the prescribed time limit. Always, keep some time spare for revision and correction of answers.

  • Keep your Notebooks Up-to-Date: Make sure that your notes are complete, for they come handy for preparing and revising for examinations.

  • Take Short Breaks: Instead of studying for long hours, prefer studying in short spells of an hour or two followed by short breaks.

  • Stay Focussed: Avoid watching TV and using the internet enabled devices, for example, mobile phones, for they distract you and make your journey to success a really arduous one.

Here is wishing you all the very best for your examination!
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