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It's raining, it's pouring

The wet soil scent – that dewy climate -heavy rain pouring sound - Wow! - it lightens up the mood - everything feel so fresh.
The rainy season may have its charms but guess what's next on the line?......
Seasonal Infections : The monsoon is hard on the stomach and throat too. Following simple monsoon safety tips and making small changes in your lifestyle will keep you healthy and help you relish the joy of this season.

What NOT to do in Monsoons:
  • Avoid food from road vendors

  • Avoid junk,spicy, fried and overcooked foods.

  • Do not eat salads,cut fruits,raw vegetables and dairy products like lassi, raita, cottage cheese when eating outside home.

  • Never enter an air conditioned room just after getting wet in the rains. Doing so is an open invitation for colds, coughs and fevers.

  • Stay Away from stagnant water where mosquitoes breed.

What TO DO in Monsoons:
  • Boost your immunity and load up on vitamins, especially vitamin C.

  • Warm water or flavored water with coriander seeds, cumin or fennel works wonders to keep monsoon illness away.

  • Maintain good personal hygiene .Wash your hands regularly to protect yourself from infections.

  • Buy footwear that does not retain water.

  • Carry a plastic cover along to protect school bag from wetting

  • At home unplug all your electronic devices.Wipe your hands properly when handling electronics.

  • Plan for a weekly cleaning day where your kids help you with chores around the house.

  • During thunder storms – don’t stand under a tree as it conducts electricity – move to nearby buildings or cars and close the windows.

  • Put kerosene in stagnant water around your house as it kills mosquito larvae.

  • Start planting trees and get great pleasure watching your balcony plants blooming with flowers.

So follow above given essential rules and win over the incessant showers.
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