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Looking @ The 'Positive' Side of COVID: We are grateful for the lessons, it has taught us

Dear BCM Aryans,

We started 2020 with our to-do list and a backlog of resolutions for the year but little did we know that it rather had some different plans in store for us. The novel Corona virus gripped us in its fear, leaving us cooped up in our homes to eventually experience things, we once deeply wished for. Today impossible is the new possible. And the irony is that it took a pandemic to help us live through it. Sigh! Initially, the COVID-19 lockdown felt like torture, but now in retrospect, it feels more like a teacher that has taught us some invaluable life lessons. Keeping all the negativity aside for a while, we are grateful for the following things:

  1. Prioritize relationship with family and friends

    In the mad rat race of materialism, there were instances that demanded a dire need to rest and give time to our families. Although there wasn't really anything that felt 'together and warm'. But we seized the moment and realized, there are more happy times with family and friends. We experienced care and love that was overdue and somewhere needed badly. We are grateful!

  2. Importance of health and wellness

    Everyone who once took health and access to medications for granted, has now realized that we need to take steps to redefine our view of fitness and health. it is time to make health a priority. Otherwise we will not be able to fight COVID. Imagine if all this health consciousness and the importance of safe contact could ever be instilled in us. We are grateful!

  3. Life is today- not tomorrow

    With all our privileges, our plans, our positivity, our opportunities, our failures, our fears, our disappointments, we make and remake ourselves every day of our life which, is never in our control. Just trust the present; everything else can change in a matter of minutes. So, we learnt –Live in the present and Do not take experiences for granted. We are grateful!

  4. Appreciate life more- Creativity can shine anywhere

    We have learnt to value the small things and take pleasure in just relaxing– sometimes by just doing nothing. Moreover, owing to travel and transportation restrictions and due to scarcity of resources of all kinds, including groceries and home supplies, we became creative by doing more with less. From reconnecting with our hobbies and finding time for our interests and passion to realizing the loopholes in our system, COVID-19 has taught us, we don’t need much to be happy. We are grateful!

  5. Count blessings, not troubles

    Probably one of the most important lessons has been to focus on all the good in life. When most of us were upset, we could not find our favorite fruit in the market, then we realized if we have a roof above our head and a well-stocked kitchen, technological gadgets to connect with others, we are blessed. While we had the facility for online teaching and learning, and the privilege to work from home, others risked their lives to make our work from home easier. For this lesson we are grateful!

  6. Learning to be content and positive

    Yes, life before corona virus was full of choices and most of us believed in compulsive hoarding, but the last few months made us realize that happiness doesn’t lie in possessing material things. We have learnt to be optimistic in a negative situation. We cherished each and every moment of life and kept ourselves surrounded with positive people who lifted our spirit up in moments of weakness. We are grateful!

  7. No Complaints, No Demands--Preciousness of Life

    Each one of us have had our own share of stress where we have simply wanted to give up and end things for once and for all. However, it is during this time we appreciated waking up to a new phenomenon and carried out our daily chores without complaining about them. We have understood the value of our and others’ lives and how each moment is a blessing denied to many. We are grateful!

  8. Stay Flexible in approach

    With work from home culture, we have been able to save our travel time, conveyance charges, a daily pair of clothes, and additional stress of being stuck in gridlocks! Isn’t blessing, especially when our offices were miles apart from our home? Managing household chores while slogging at work is undoubtedly taxing, but it’s far better than skipping breakfast to reach office early and toiling through traffic jams and public transport’s technical glitches on our way back. We are grateful!

  9. The earth does not belong to only human beings

    COVID-19 hit the pause button and stilled human activity. However, during this prolonged duration, nature and wildlife relaxed and were away from human disturbance. All this while, Dolphins were spotted at Mumbai’s Marine Drive, sparrows and various migratory birds returned to Delhi, the number of tigers and lions increased manifold, and we realized that there is a need to establish harmony with nature. We are grateful!

  10. Patience is a virtue and can be cultivated

    Before the pandemic, many of us would often run on autopilot and rush through our lives. But now, we’ve had to re-think the way we go about each day. In spite of the negative impact of the crisis, the lockdown has certainly implemented a sense of patience in us all. We are grateful!

  11. Practice gratitude towards those who make a difference in our lives

    For the first time, we have acknowledged and appreciated those members of society who we otherwise didn’t think a lot about. Doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, healthcare workers and scientists who work hard to treat patients and to find a cure. Teachers who ensure students continue to learn and grow, and software engineers who help banks and financial institutions carry out critical functions virtually. Maids, cleaners and garbage collectors who prevent the spread of diseases and maintain cleanliness. Artists who share their talents and provide moments of comfort. We are grateful!

  12. We are all equal

    Illness and natural disasters are great equalizers, and they also highlight the disparities in our society. The life lesson is money, status, fame and looks have no bearing on what happens to you, nor does it protect you in any way. At the end of the day, we are all susceptible to the same human vices, illnesses and consequences. In the eyes of corona virus, we all are equal. We learnt to boost our immunity and energy levels. We are grateful!

  13. Communities are connected

    COVID-19 has shown us that we are truly connected. Communities have adopted novel ways of reaching out – doing clang-ups, lighting lamps, playing music on their veranda to entertain neighbours and even virtual concerts. The virus has shown us that no man is an island. We are grateful!

The current crisis is a wake-up call for us, While I wish 2020 had chosen a more humane mode to help us pause and learn some lessons about life, nevertheless, it’s all about what we have in our hands TODAY and at this very moment before it too fades with time! I cannot help but think of the words of the apostle Paul when he writes Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God for you."

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