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Go Green this Diwali.... Let Nature also celebrate with us

Dear Students,

Diwali festival is knocking the doors, it’s the time to celebrate togetherness and cherish the assorted little moments and memories connected with the most delightful festival when everyone gorges on sweets and traditional food, decorates homes, lights diyas and candles. We all celebrate it with great enthusiasm. However in our zeal to have fun, we move away from the real essence of the fiesta of light and often forget that the nature matters equally.

As the concern for pollution due to bursting of crackers on Diwali looms large, let us all celebrate Green Diwali and do a bit for the society. It's not just about avoiding firecrackers and cutting down on sweets -- here's how you can still have fun and make the most of the festive season!

  • Go Earthy
    Don’t use electric lights. Instead, go for small earthen lamps, paper lanterns and candles for decoration which leave little to no carbon footprint behind. Respect Soil. Help potter Community.

  • Gift a Plant
    Pitch into the green gifts that not only look good but also add to the happy environment. Instead of buying expensive electrical appliances, Plants like kitchen herbs, air purifying plants, Feng-Shui plants or bonsai etc. are a good option.

  • Handmade Gifts
    Say yes to handmade gifts. Gift something with a personal touch made from recycled material.

  • Wrap Responsibly
    Don't buy wrapping paper for gifts. Use painted newspaper, pieces of cloth, net etc. instead.

  • Organic Rangoli
    Embrace natural colors rather than chemical colors and use natural ingredients such as kumkum(red) ; rice powder (white); pulses or turmeric (yellow); cloves or cinnamon (brown); cardamom or fennel (green) and bright flowers for decorating the Rangoli.

  • Donate to the Needy
    Run through your wardrobe. You may come across at least a couple of clothes that you either no longer fit in or do not wear. Gift them to the less privileged and visit orphanage and old age home. Share your smile and spread the cheer.

  • Up cycle your home décor
    Use organic incense sticks as well as fresh flowers. Stay away from synthetic room fresheners.Use eco-friendly paint for your homes and twist colourful sarees and dupattas to create streames.

  • Give sweets a miss this time
    Give the sugary sweets a miss this Diwali and go for honey hampers, exotic tea, natural fruit juice, homemade cookies.

  • Give back to society
    Create awareness about the environment, organize nature walks and talks to create awareness to celebrate pollution free Diwali.

This Diwali, let's try and make the festival more meaningful and delightful by celebrating it in an eco-friendly way. Let us all embrace the green side and not cause harm to the environment in our pursuit of happiness. We owe this not only to ourselves but to Mother Earth as well !

Wish You all a Happy Diwali!

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