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Light up this Festive Season with Great Care

Dear Students,

The festivals are around the corner. Every year, this quarter which is favourite of all, invigorates us with a festive spirit all around. It brings excitement, enthusiasm and lights up the mood with family gatherings. It gives a break for celebrations and hence, you must have started figuring out the ways to plan celebrations. To ensure safety, it is essential to lay extra emphasis on following social distancing norms and hygiene protocols. Here are some ways that will surely help light up your celebrations without compromising on your health.

Follow basics of self- care

Always ensure that you wear a mask covering your face and your hands do not touch your face, else the point of wearing the mask is beaten. Given the occasion, you might end up interacting with more than one person; so always keep your hand sanitizer handy.

Avoid public celebrations

It would be in the best interest of everyone to avoid going at crowded public spaces for reckless enjoyment.

Go Digital

Find innovative ways to send greetings and gifts to your loved ones. Getting gifts from markets and visiting your family and friends could not be a safe option. Plan for digital surprises like LIVE music on a video call, personal radio show, celebrity wishes, etc. to make the celebration more memorable.

Limit the gathering

Larger the gathering, the higher the risk of infection spread. To ensure the health safety of your closed ones, plan a gathering with limited number of relatives.

Plan an indoor dinner

Find out ideas for celebration at home. Cook favourite meals for your loved ones.

Consider DIY decorations

Instead of wasting hours on finding the right stuff or browsing multiple online shopping windows, go for DIY (Do it yourself) decoration kits. These kits are custom made and easily available with home delivery options. Such kits will make your party planning hassle-free and your spaces look visually ready and bright.

Avoid assumptions

Though there is a steep drop in cases yet it doesn’t mean you cannot catch the virus. Making mere assumptions about the behavior of a virus can go wrong and ruin the post-celebration memories.

Avoid excess food consumption and keep a fitness regime

Consume healthier food in moderation to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Keep a fitness regime in place. Avoid gyms and in-person classes. YouTube also has a number of home fitness workouts that you can exercise alongside. Ensure that you get at least half an hour of quality exercise everyday during the festivities.

So, Make healthy choices and enjoy the festive season by creating lifetime memories with your family.

Remember that your health comes first.

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