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Unearthing the real meaning of Independence

  • Freedom is in the air
        Let us breathe in the Winds of Freedom.

  • Freedom is in forward thinking
        Let us remember our martyrs and march ahead with honour and pride

Dear Students,

These lines got me thinking about the meaning of independence on a deeper and more personal level. What does it mean to be personally independent?

Let's take a few examples from daily lives to understand the meaning of Independence -

  • If you get pocket money and do not feel necessary to tell your parents where and how you spend it, evenwhen asked, it is being inconsiderate, not independent.

  • If you tell your parents, "it is my life, let me take my decisions. I am independent now". It is arrogance and not independence.

  • If you eat, talk and behave the way, you want, it is immaturity, not independence.

  • If you wear only what you want (irrespective of the occasion), it is being insensitive, not independent.

    • To me, Independence is a state of mind. It is an attitude.
    • It is about being able to get started even when resources are limited or when there are challenges to face.
    • It is about rising above petty issues with maturity and understanding, with a smile and a desire to be better each time.
    • It is about learning from the experiences and observation independently and from the mistakes of others.

A true feeling of independence starts with an energy, a force that fuels and permeates a sagacity of human spirit. Independence doesn't mean you decide the way you want. The only way that each of us can be free is to enable others around us to be free. So long as you do not step on the liberty of others, you are free!

Dear Children, Freedom is not the right to do what you want, but what you ought to. Undoubtedly, right makes might and in that faith you have to do your duty. It takes nothing to join the crowd but everything to stand alone. . You need to stand up for something, even if it means standing, because often the one, who flies solo, has the strongest wings. Take freedom as an opportunity to be what you never thought you would be

So, on this Independence Day, celebrate the true meaning of being free.

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