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Covid-Era Patriotism

Dear Children,

Life in the middle of covid-19 sparked anxiety all around. Staying positive during that time was a challenge. Even till date, we have an enemy that we cannot see and do not know much about. As we take our first tentative step back to normalcy that has been largely on hold, we must not forget that the curve may be flattening, but the virus is still very much with us.

Every year, the month of August serves as a reflection of all the historical and victorious events of our diverse nation. Patriotism fills the air all over. With the people engrossed in patriotic mood, cultural performances, unfurling of the tricolour, rendition of the National Anthem, March past and Band Display mark the Independence Day celebrations. We express gratitude to all the inspiring leaders namely, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bhagat Singh and a million others who have helped in defining India as the world respects and remembers it today. By wearing tricolour clothing, enjoying drum beats, or watching the Parade we may feel patriotic for a day, but we need to show our pride for our country and respect for our fellow Indians. The real threat to the country today is not on the borders or in the jungles of Dantewada but right here in the air, we breathe and the hands we touch. If you all do your part and follow pandemic safety guidelines, you truly can make a big difference and show your patriotism

  • Simply wear a face mask to protect the health of those around you to prevent the spread of a disease.

  • Avoid large group gatherings. Use simple social distancing tactics like replacing hugs and handshakes with alternatives.

  • Be creative and have a video chat to get together and celebrate birthdays or other occasions using everyday tools like Skype, Hangouts or Zoom.

  • Share positive news and acts of kindness with your community. There are so many examples out there of people helping one another. Share those. Talk about those. You can prevent getting caught in a bad news hopelessness spiral.

  • Spread the word about how you're making a difference.

  • And remember, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. It only takes 20 seconds and protects you and everyone around you.

  • Lastly, use and purchase different things and goods from the local manufacturer, in order to strengthen the weak economy of our country.

So, celebrate Patriotism every single day by being a thoughtful citizen and respecting the people all around us. After all, Real patriotism is having the strength of character and will to put your own personal needs aside and look out for the health of your fellow citizens.

A country will never be healthy without loyalty of the people. As citizens of this country, let us take pledge to live to serve the country for its prosperity.
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