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Smart Food: Eating Well During Exam Time

Dear Students,

Eating healthy is a good practice to maintain fitness at all times, but it assumes greater significance during exams . Remember the saying, ‘you are what you eat’? So a healthy diet enables you to fulfil all your nutritional needs and perform at an optimum level in exams. Here are few tips to chart a good diet for exams with the following food habits to be incorporated wisely.

  1. Eat smaller, frequent meals
    Yes, this holds true for preparation of exams too. Small meals will provide a steady supply of energy to the fatigued brain and you won't lose concentration level during study and exam times. If you eat a large portion of meal in one go, then you will experience a dip in energy and alertness to study for hours on end.
  2. Have a healthy, wholesome breakfast
    Don't skip meals, particularly breakfast as you have to sustain through the periods of study and even rigorous periods of writing the exam. Hence, a combination breakfast of whole grains and protein such as Cheese sandwich; Chapati with paneer, vegetables, seeds and buttermilk; Whole grain bread roll stuffed with vegetables will do the trick. You surely need to eat light and right before reporting to the examination hall.
  3. Smart snacking
    Opt for healthy snacks such as sprouts chat, fresh fruits, popcorn, fruit scones, dried fruit, yoghurt smoothie or nuts to keep you going throughout the day. These are better choices than cakes, biscuits, chocolates and sweets as they give you a 'sugar rush' after eating them, leave you feeling down and in a bit of a slump shortly afterwards. So if you snack smart and study hard, exams will be a piece of cake.
  4. Water is your best friend
    Stay hydrated by ideally drinking 1.5 liters of water a day. Coconut water, buttermilk, milky drinks or some special tea like chamomile tea not only provide the recommended fluid intake but also help in providing nutrients and with a feeling of calmness & freshness. Avoid coffee, tea or soft drinks as they can cause heartburn and acidity.
  5. Don't try any new foods
    Avoid trying new foods, drinks or supplements just before the exam, even if they come highly recommended by friends or family. You don’t know how your body responds to them and moreover you don’t want any surprises on exam day. Stick with only those food and drinks which your body is accustomed to. While the focus during exams is entirely on studies and a good diet, the one neglected part is being physically active. Is it waste of time? Oh definitely no! Rather, it will increase the rush of oxygen to your fatigued brain and will make you study better!

    Following these simple tips in addition to regular and effective studying, will help you retain more information efficiently and provide the much-needed boost for your upcoming examinations.

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