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Behind the screens: The changing role of teachers

Dear Students,

Times have changed! The epidemiological impact is so high that it forced the whole world to change. Educational institutions were no exception. As the school shifted its gears from the traditional classrooms to online learning, I was amazed to see how smoothly teachers kept up with this transition and coped up with the challenges. Among those who made the gloomy lockdown days better, were teachers who kept students' enthusiasm intact and learning spirit high. They have again proved that they are the backbone of education in particular and society at large.

As students, your greatest challenge was to cope with academics while being away from school and your teachers. But your teachers faced a tougher challenge of looking after their homes as well as conducting online lectures. After the move from live interaction to distance learning, things have changed from “Good Morning, students” to “Am I audible?” They have shown more concern about your well-being leaving behind their personal preferences. When your classes moved online, they always helped you adapt to change and sent frequent emails of encouragement and assurance. They quickly familiarised themselves with online tools and gave you tutorials on how to navigate them.

All the teachers truly put up their maximum efforts to give you the best by moving out of their comfort zones to teach you. During online classes, they really made an effort to keep you lively and interactive through digital aids. Whenever they had trouble with their network, they would go around holding their phones or laptops, to get better range so that they could teach you without any interruption. . They addressed your problems through all possible platforms. While their working hours were limited to the school timings earlier, but now they are available round-the-clock, without any compromise. They take a personal interest in your performance and also keep an eye on your mental well-being.

I am really grateful to my teachers for their indomitable spirit and untiring efforts, who rose to the occasion wonderfully and adapted to the online environment.

Hats off to them!!
Looking forward to have you back soon for daily basis hands-on learning sessions with your teachers.

Let's wish our teachers……

….. And thank them for supporting us in all our endeavours!
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