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For a Stronger Immunity……

Dear Students,

Covid-19 pandemic has already taken over the world at a massive scale. You all are grappling with imminent dangers that this virus poses, by staying indoors, social distancing, following basic hygiene protocol such as washing hands frequently, using sanitizer, wearing a mask and avoiding touching face. But first and best line of shield against all ailments is a healthy immune system which will give you an edge in staying healthy. Here is a list of helpful ways to nourish your immune system which will make you feel radiant, balanced and filled with vitality.

Focus on food

  • Consider taking probiotic products that not only help digestion but also protect against infection. Green bananas, soft cheese, yogurt, buttermilk and asparagus are top foods with probiotics.

  • Try herbal remedies such as decoction of Holy basil, Cinnamon, Raw turmeric, Black pepper, Dry ginger and Raisins as health booster. Drink lukewarm water throughout the day.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink up to 8-10 glasses of water every day to flush out the toxins from the body.

  • Spice up your cooking by increasing the intake of Cumin, Coriander, Ginger and Garlic.

  • Have the rainbow diet i.e. colourful fruits and vegetables including berries, watermelon, papaya, leafy greens, carrots and spinach which have antioxidants and strengthen the immune system.

  • Eat vitamin C- rich food such as oranges, broccoli, kiwi or cantaloupe to fight off infection.

  • Remember your A-B-C-D-Es. Taking a multivitamin supplement along with eating a healthy diet rich in natural sources of nutrients boosts overall health as well as the immune system.

Lifestyle Tweaks

  • Start your day with a positive thought such as, 'I am healthy and safe at home with my family.'

  • Regular exercise improves metabolism, which has a direct correlation with body immunity. Stay active during the day and carve out at least 10 minutes a day, ideally 30 minutes for exercise to boost immunity.

  • Get seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night to fight off infection.

Destress Yourself

  • Have a hearty laugh. A little giggle during the day not only makes you feel better but also helps your immune system work better.

  • Protect yourself from stress which can lead to lower immunity and make you more prone to illness. Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga and even music can relieve stress and calm your nerves.

  • Chant "Om" to control your thoughts and regulate your breath. The vibrations arising from chanting this mantra aligns all your internal energy, which in turn, strengthens your immune system.

Remember, there are no quick fixes or magic 'healthy pills' to boost your immune health, however, these tried-and-tested ways can help you to take your immunity super powers up a notch.

Always praying for your health and safety

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