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New Year : New You, New Framework

It's that time again……..
…To set fresh goals
…To shed the old habits and beliefs
…To focus on the things to be accomplished in 2022

Dear Students,

The New Year marks a new beginning in the standard academic year. Whether you’ve had a fantastic school year so far or see some room for improvement, there is still plenty of time to become an even more dedicated and engaged student. While you’re thinking about all the ways to become your best self in 2022, here are few ideas to extend those New Year’s resolutions to include your academic self as well.

  1. Make a study routine
    Make a study routine and think about the ways to plan your school work into more manageable daily tasks. Set goals to help you stick to the plan.

  2. Explore something new
    Set a goal to pursue something new, even if it is just in your free time. Set aside sometime to explore something creative that reignite your love of learning.

  3. Ask for help
    Taking care of yourself and getting the support you need is vital to your continued success as a student. Commit to use available resources. It might be reaching out to a mentor, advisor, or counselor for help.

  4. Get enough sleep
    Setting some goals related to healthy sleep may help you function better in class and perform better academically. In fact, not getting enough sleep can actually cause problems with important skills, like making decisions, solving problems, controlling your emotions and behavior and coping with change.

  5. Give more importance to learning, not grades
    Grades are important, but don’t forget that education is about your lifelong love for learning. Every subject won’t be your favourite, but commit to really immersing yourself in your studies this year and notice what excites you, and makes you want to learn more. Commit to learning as a process, not just as a way to get a good grade and you might find more joy in your school work.

  6. Achieve a healthier school-life balance
    The schoolwork is important, but so is taking time for rest. Set intentions around things like your hobbies and self care. Resting and maintaining an active lifestyle is important to your mental health and to recharge yourself with renewed focus and energy.

  7. Stop procrastination
    Procrastination is normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle with it forever. This year, take some decisive actions to combat the urge to procrastinate, like dividing large assignments into smaller, easier tasks, using timers to motivate you to work for short windows of time and working with a study group or partner for accountability.

  8. Get organized
    Do commit to being more organized this year to study, get to class on time, and get assignments completed on time. Organization looks different for everyone, depending on your schedule, your motivations, and your personal style. Figure out what would help you be more productive and feel more in control and then take steps to make it your new normal.

  9. Get engaged in school clubs
    Get involved in your school community and make it a goal this year that you won’t keep sitting on the sidelines. Join a new club, volunteer, try out for a team, or get involved in a play or activity. Even joining a study group or book club can provide a way to socialize, as well as new opportunities for learning and growth.

  10. Make your mental health a priority
    As you go into the New Year, make your mental and emotional wellbeing just as important as your physical health. Remember: before you can show up for others, you have to show up for yourself. It may be tempting to pile as many classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities onto your schedule as possible, but don’t forget to think about your stress levels and emotional needs too.

    365 days of new possibilities and opportunities are waiting for you, so let go of disappointments of what did not happen last year. Begin the New Year with happiness, cheers, and smiles and step forward with a spirit of hope and thankfulness.

    Happy New Year 2022!!!