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Guru is Aspiration, Guru is Inspiration !

Dear Students,

With the invasion of IT and the digital communication in our lives, we see that we have undergone a revolution in our ideas, behaviours and living. We really do not have to depend on our immediate environment for experts in any field. A missed lesson can always be accessed through online lessons. But, can we deal with subject knowledge in isolation? The answer is emphatic ‘No’.

While you need to study the global trends, innovations, newer thought processes, it is equally important to remind yourselves that you need the personal presence of the teacher in the classroom and the parents at home. There are no substitutes for them. The eye contact, the reprimand, the reminder, the warmth that teachers maintain during the process is a kind of reassurance that they care. It was relevant in the times of Gurukul System and so is now.

Each one of us remembers that one teacher who not only helped to simplify the most terrible and complex equations but also helped us in understanding life. We might end up forgetting a lot of people in our lives but not our teachers. Many scholars, researchers, artists have also said that they have had at least one teacher who helped them to become what they are today.

Being a teacher is not an easy task, teaching you entire day and understanding your strengths and weaknesses and then polishing them in the right manner, checking your assignments and assessments and even taking them back home to complete them on time. In certain circumstances, you as a student do get offended when your teacher scolds you but you should understand that they scold you to make you a smarter human being. They do this for your good and for your successful careers.

Teachers feel proud when they see you making successful careers. In life, teachers truly deserve our gratitude. For, they have been the hands that mould our present and shape our future. They touch your lives in ways you cannot describe or even comprehend. Some do it so silently that years pass before you realize what they did, like the fragrance of a rose garden that often comes to us only after we have walked past it.

The Indian scriptures remind us, 'Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava' - for it says, give respect to parents and teachers by treating them like God. You have ample of opportunities to show gratitude to your parents and filling their lives with joy for all they have done for you but what about your teachers?

Let’s take some moments to admire and appreciate our teachers.

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