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"Score your 2018 Goals: Use December to Accomplish Your Dreams"

Dear Students,

With few days to go until the start of 2019, many of us have already decided that we will enjoy what’s left of this year, and start afresh in January when, once again, we’ll rekindle our goals to reduce weight, improve our time effectiveness and have a daily action plan for the start of every day or whatever we wish.

However, by putting our resolutions on a backburner, even at this late stage of the year, we’re wasting valuable time which could be used to not only tie up loose ends from 2018, but also set us up nicely for the New Year 2019. Instead, resolution urges us to end this year strong and go forward to the next 12 months with a positive mind set.

Indubitably, we waste time using the festive season as a distraction and procrastinate or give up on our goals for this year and promise to start again in January, in a very comfortable way on the pretext, “We’re not giving up, we’re just postponing.” So while we got lost in shopping for loved ones, and planning our travel and plans over the festive period, if we end the year well, and even manage to achieve something in the coming weeks, it will give our year a story and make us feel as this year has also been significant.

Why wait for New Year to make your resolutions? Just turning something round in the last month of the year, whether it’s finishing a project, stopping a bad habit, changing the food preference or sorting through clutter in home or mind, it can change our entire view of 2018. So be reflective on the past year; assess what worked and what didn’t go so well. Act now – Tick off some goals from your long-forgotten list, Work hard in the final stretch of 2018, before the end of the year as it will provide you a feeling of accomplishment, heighten your sense of ability, lift your spirits and remove all guilt about having wasted this year.

Start 2019 fresh in a positive frame of mind, with a keen desire to move forward, rather than being held back by the past. Be hopeful about some new challenges for next year ahead so that when the clock strikes midnight at New Year, you’ll say 2018 was good, but 2019 would be even better!

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